We offer a personalised service to suit your business needs.

We keep up to date with the changing environment of the business and accounting industry, and any changes in taxation and trading regulations.

We also have the technology and knowledge to keep updated with any changing filing dates proposed by H M Revenue & Customs, and the requirement to file their documentation on-line.


Preparation of annual accounts, as appropriate for your business.

  • Income and Expenditure Accounts
  • Trading and Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet
  • Tax Computations
  • Capital Allowances and depreciation


  • Preparation of PAYE and wages records on a monthly or weekly basis
  • Keeping relevant PAYE records, including P11’s
  • Notifying clients of employee deductions, and providing employee payslips
  • Completion of PAYE annual returns, and submitting to H M Revenue & Customs
  • Handling employee details, including P46 and P45 documentation

Tax Returns

  • Completion of business and individual self-assessment tax returns.
  • Submitting tax returns to H M Revenue & Customs, using on-line services if appropriate.
  • Notifying clients of estimated tax liability, and calculating payments on account due.
  • Liasing with H M Revenue & Customs on clients behalf.

VAT Returns

  • Preparation of VAT returns, including book-keeping records for VAT purposes and completing VAT returns.
  • Submitting VAT returns online using HMRC web-filing service.
  • Notifying client of VAT liability due.

Starting In Business

  • Notifying H M Revenue & Customs of commencement of business/trading
  • Paying self-employed National Insurance contributions
  • Registering for VAT